8 South Street

Hudson, Ma 01749                       978-212-5778         

Chris@undercoverarms.com          Hrs: Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 6pm

From 290 take route 85 north (Washington Street) take a right onto South St just before the rotary, it runs parallel to Main Street.

We are 100 feet in on your left. Just look for the sign


 We will be closed Saturday August 30th.

 Happy Labor Day

Seecamps are here


Come visit our new space, over 2000 square feet.

NEW RAFFLE:                         Kahr PM 9 --$5.00

                                                  Remington Bucket O' Bullets 1400 rounds .22lr-- $3.00 a ticket or 2 for $5.00.

                                                        ******  Remember you need your pin number to purchase a gun ******     



                                                                                                       New Arrivals

BULK AMMO: 762x39,  556, 223, 40, 45, 12ga 00, 12ga 7 and 8 shot, 20 ga 7.5

New Shipment of                 Red Army 762x39

Tavor ---  Black and FDE                SIG SAUER 716, 400, 516 Swat Patrol and Swat -ODG/FDE        

SIG 938               

UTAS    uts-15 (kryptek +  black)       FNH  PS-90              Keltec --  KSG

UPPERS--  Top Notch 7.62x39  complete w/ troy muzzle break and iron sites

                    Stag Arms 8H Gas Piston w/ flip up sites

S&W   Model 60 & 642

Ammo Cans Federal Lake City xm193 556 55grn mcbt 420rnds on stripper clips     $219.99          H&K P30 9 & 40  LS in 9mm

M&P Range Kits in 9 & 40            Shields in stock 9 & 40           

 S&W 1911 SC 4.25bbl --models 108409, 108411, 108485, 108495, 108284, 178020, 178017

S&W Model 625 (Jerry Miculek) sold       S&W 500 6.5bbl                      S&W Gov. 45/410 with and without laser, Silver version

Ruger 357  Sp101   GP100 3.06bbl + 2.25bbl w/wo hammer        LE Glock and used        Python   sold                 Ruger 10/22 Takedown in SS Camo

Ruger SP101  38/2.25bbl + 22/4.2bbl     Ruger 1911 5"bbl + commander        Super Red Hawk 44mag 7.5bbl

                                                                        The list below is what we usually carry, not inventory. 

Womens range bags by CODY 

Gun Tote'N Mamas: (NEW) Conceal carry purses for the ladies

CONCEAL carry vests by KAKADU

Colts: long guns/hand guns --Mustangs, MKIV, Detectives, Lawman, Cobra, King Cobra & Pythons

S&W: Shields 9/40, BG380, BG38, 642, 638, 686, M&P 9,9c,40,40c,45  

1911 Pro Series 3"bbl and 5"bbl     Governor       

Walther: p22, ppk/s, ppk, pps

Ruger:  SR 22, SR9C, SR9, SR40, SR40C, SR1911

New Vaquero, Single Ten, Single Six, Single Nine, Bearcat, Blackhawk, SP101, GP100, LCR 22,357 & 38+P and

Seecamp: 32 - Beretta 92, Kahr PM9, PM40, P9, P40                H&K  P30 + ls

Sig Sauer: 556 Rifle, 1911-45 SSS & TTT, XO,Target, P232, 229, 220, 239, 226, SP2022,P250C, Mosquito, P238: Rosewood, Blackwood, Rainbow, Equinox & Diamond Plate/2 tone DP

Charter Arms: Bulldogs and 38spl

Auto Ordnance 1911-A1,  Remington 1911

Glocks used               New for LE

Barrett   50cal

Variety of other new/used hand guns and long guns

MAGAZINES: Beretta, S&W, Walther, Sig, Kahr, Seecamp, Glocks, Ruger

GUN HOLSTERS: DeSantis, Sig, Blackhawk, Bianchi, Fobus, Galco, Uncle Mikes and Tagua

5.11:  Pants, shirts, tactical vests

US Palm Soft Body Armor

Hand guns, long guns, new, used and consignment.

                    Come visit our new space, over 2000 square feet.

This is a partial list of what we carry in our store. Many accessories and more arriving weekly.

               CLASS III Dealer                                                      Buy/Trade